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Client Testimonials

"I requested a full assessment of Rosie's ability and attainments.

Jane was generous with her time prior to the sessions in order to build up as full a picture of Rosie as possible. The time then spent with Rosie put her fully at ease. Furthermore very helpful feedback was given at the end of the sessions both verbally and in a final written report.

This gave a very clear indication of Rosie's strengths and weaknesses and has enabled me to speak with confidence to Rosie's teacher so that support can be offered to her in school and at home.

I appreciate the time Jane gave to this thorough assessment and would readily recommend her to future clients."

Parent, primary school child

"Our daughter Tricia struggled with reading in primary school, but at that point we thought she was perhaps just a slow reader and that her reading skills would improve in time. In secondary school, however, our concerns increased as we realised that her struggles with reading were having a negative impact on her learning in all subjects and, more importantly, were having a very adverse effect on her self-esteem. Tricia was then assessed and was diagnosed as having dyslexic traits. Thereafter we enlisted the support of Jane Pentland, Educational Psychologist, who provided advice and help to both Tricia and ourselves for several years.

On Jane’s advice, we took our daughter to see an optometrist and to our shock she was diagnosed with a hidden squint which was compounding her reading difficulties. Jane’s advice and explanations were invaluable in helping Tricia and ourselves as parents understand the difficulties she faced, for example when reading black on white print, particularly on a smartboard or whiteboard. Our daughter began to understand the importance of background colours and hand-outs rather than copying from the board and we were able to request appropriate support from her teachers, such as printed hand-outs rather than copying from the board.

Jane advised our daughter on very effective techniques and strategies to support reading, spelling and writing. Even more importantly, however, Tricia felt that at last someone really understood what she was struggling with. Jane undoubtedly helped Tricia to believe in herself and Tricia now talks openly and unashamedly about being dyslexic and indeed encourages other dyslexic young people to aim high academically. Jane made Tricia feel part of the learning process, so that Tricia became very self-aware and therefore able to take ownership of her dyslexia.

My husband and I found Jane to be very knowledgeable, thorough and reliable. Jane was extremely patient, perceptive and reassuring throughout all the sessions she undertook with our daughter and took every opportunity to get to know Tricia as a person, which boosted Tricia’s self-confidence enormously.

We were all, as a family, fully supported and encouraged by Jane. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Jane’s services most highly to any young person and their parents who are coming to terms with dyslexia."

Parent, secondary school pupil
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