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Client Testimonials

"We made contact with Jane (Pentland) for a Dyslexia assessment for our son. We appreciated not having to wait long for an appointment. Jane explained clearly what the assessment would entail and details of the process as well as carrying out a thorough developmental history.

The assessment and report are so comprehensive we felt very confident in Jane’s conclusions as well as her recommendations. We also felt we had the opportunity to discuss the details of the report with Jane.

My son’s school has since responded proactively, and I feel my son’s learning experience and achievements will benefit in the long term. Most importantly we now feel we can fully understand and support my son to overcome challenges he may face.

I would have no hesitations in recommending Jane’s highly professional service to anyone. Jane is warm, sensitive and genuinely cares which is very apparent in how she interacts with those she is assessing."

Parent, Secondary School Pupil, August 2020

"I attended Jane Pentland to be tested for dyslexia, following a few challenges at work. My daughter learned at university that she was dyslexic, and it was said that other family members are likely to have this too. Jane could not have been more helpful, encouraging and made me feel very much at ease. She was very thorough and without doubt very understanding of dyslexia and all the various challenges one has to go through. She provided a detailed report for my work advising of adjustments that would be of benefit to assist me in my job. At age 56, being diagnosed with dyslexia, has given me a great deal of understanding and confidence.

I would highly recommend Jane to all age groups, it turned to be a very positive experience and her support even after testing was very much appreciated."

Adult, 2019

"In May I went for a full assessment to Jane, Pentland Psychologies, and from the minute I met Jane I felt she was very much warm, welcoming & approachable and a great listener to all your needs. She is very knowledgeable in her field I was so impressed that She knew my difficulties I am facing. She went through all the assessments with me and explained everything in a manner I could understand and was soft and gentle spoken. She certainly made me feel relaxed from the beginning until the end. Her report is all laid out so professionally with all the scores and details and it was such a true reflection of my difficulties. Jane has put my mind at rest now knowing I have a learning disability that I have been living with for years. I would recommend her, and I wish I had met Jane earlier in my life.

Thank you so much Jane for your great work with helping clients."

Adult, 2019

"Thank you so very much for all your input and guidance, you have been a total inspiration to our family and we all thank you for that professionalism."

Grandparent, 8 year old boy, March 2018

"My family had serious need to call on the services of Pentland Psychologies headed by Jane Pentland. As a family we had no previous experience of dealing with the educational system and were worried and concerned on how to proceed. Jane carried out her psychologist report in the family home for our Grandson to feel at ease. To get the best results, Jane was required to return on three occasions, where each visit was carried out in a truly professional manner and our Grandson was pleased and happy to greet her. We are more than happy to recommend Pentland Psychologies for every family."

Grandparent, 8 year old boy, March 2018

"We recently had our Son assessed by Jane Pentland because he was applying to a University in The States which has a world renowned academic support program. Alasdair, our Son was diagnosed with dyslexia, by an educational psychologist, in primary school. We felt a more current report would be beneficial to both the University and to him as he would get a more up to date profile of his learning.

Alasdair underwent his testing in Jane's home, although she did offer to do it in our home as well. Alasdair felt at ease immediately with Jane and was very open to expressing himself with her, as a result I think she was able to deliver a professional, honest, complete picture.

Jane's report is thorough and well written including: summary, background, formal assessments, interpretations of results, conversion of scaled scores, implications, conclusions and recommendations.

Indeed, a complete report that was easily understood by the university in the states who have accepted him!

We are so happy we chose Jane not only for the application but also Alasdair now has a clearer understanding of his dyslexia and how he can work with it. For the first time in his life he is able to access and embrace his differences, something he wasn’t comfortable doing before.

Thank you Jane."

Parent, 18 year old student, February 2018

"Jane carried out a full assessment of my 8 year old daughter. Jane took time before the assessment to discuss with me, in depth, my daughter's history, in order to gain an understanding on the issues we had been facing.

I was unsure how my daughter would feel about the actual assessment (she can be quite anxious in new environments, however, I needn't have worried - Jane put my daughter and myself immediately at ease. She had an instant rapport with my daughter and made the actual assessment process enjoyable. My daughter couldn't wait to tell me how much she had enjoyed it all. It was such a positive experience for my daughter that she asked if she could continue to visit Jane and do more!

Jane then dropped me an email that same day to give me a summary of her initial findings before sending me the full report. The report itself was excellent and Jane included clear and specific advice and recommendations for both home and school. Jane then followed up with a further discussion to check I understood the contents, taking time to answer my questions, not just about the report but about wider issues such as how to approach the school, etc. Jane really took the time to make sure I understood and was comfortable in taking things forward for my daughter, she totally understood how daunting and bewildering I personally found it all!

I honestly can't thank Jane enough, for all her help and advice. She was knowledgeable, supportive and helpful. I will definitely use Jane again at key transitions points in my daughter's schooling e.g. P7/S1 transition.

Thank you Jane."

Parent, 8 year old girl, 2018

"Jane was great. She helped me recognise my strengths and address my weaknesses. This has changed the way I learn. Making it more effective, more memorable, and more enjoyable. After the initial assessment Jane continued to offer support with tactics and contacts to organisations that can help. I now feel more positive than ever about moving towards my goals."

Graham, Aged 23, 2018

"Jane completed a psychology report on my 21 year old autistic son. He had not been assessed since 2013.

The report was excellent and in-depth; she highlighted the fact that he also has a learning disability, not merely learning difficulties as we had been told. She saw through all his coping mechanisms to the real young man behind the persona he uses to cope with everyday life.

My son was very comfortable with Jane from the moment he met her. She was very warm and welcoming, he felt relaxed and was happy to work with her.

I would highly recommend Jane, her work is of a very high standard and we are delighted with our report."

Parent, 21 year old son, 2017

"We were so concerned by our 8 year old son's lack of progress at school that we contacted Pentland Psychologies to have an assessment of his learning carried out. The resulting report was both thorough and comprehensive. His school has acted on the recommendations it contained and our son is now finally making real progress in class."

Parent, 8-year-old boy, 2017

"My son, 16, was tested by Jane in July 2017 after the school suspected he was having processing issues in his comprehension. He was very reluctant to be tested and not looking forward to the process! We met with Jane at her home and immediately she put him at ease. I returned a few hours later and the testing was all completed, he and Jane seemed to have discussed/ debated a huge number of topical issues as well as the test and she most certainly had him engaged. In the car home he confessed that he had enjoyed the testing and had found the majority of it stimulating and interesting.

Jane followed up immediately with a summary of her findings with the promise of the full report to follow. When the report arrived, I found it easy to understand and could see the processes that needed to be put in place for him. We had been through this experience with our 2 older children, they were tested at the same time in 2015 but we used a different Educational Psychologist. I have to say that the whole testing experience and the report by Jane were much better than that we had received from the previous expert.

I would most definitely recommend Jane to anyone who needs this assistance, the confidence it brings to your child in their learning is immeasurable."

Parent, 16-year-old boy, 2017

"The assessment of Jenna’s learning was completed by Jane during a time when Jenna was deeply anxious and as a parent I was very worried about her. She had just moved school. She was falling behind in literacy and maths.

We were really listened to and every effort was made to ensure the little details that were so important to us went into the report. Jane really made an effort to make Jenna comfortable and at ease, during a time when she was very anxious and worried.

This report has meant so much for us as a family. Not least Jenna. We can now have dialogue about her difficulties and because of this she has a better understanding of herself and what she struggles with.

I believe the whole experience of meeting with and having someone like Jane interested in helping her has helped to bring to an end all the anxiety she had been feeling."

Parent, 9-year-old girl, 2017

"We were so relieved that we did not have to travel to London for an assessment of dyscalculia. Jane’s natural warmth and friendliness instantly put my son at ease and the assessment and resulting report were both professionally and comprehensively carried out.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jane’s services most highly."

Parent, 21 year old son, 2017

"I requested a full assessment of Rosie's ability and attainments.

Jane was generous with her time prior to the sessions in order to build up as full a picture of Rosie as possible. The time then spent with Rosie put her fully at ease. Furthermore very helpful feedback was given at the end of the sessions both verbally and in a final written report.

This gave a very clear indication of Rosie's strengths and weaknesses and has enabled me to speak with confidence to Rosie's teacher so that support can be offered to her in school and at home.

I appreciate the time Jane gave to this thorough assessment and would readily recommend her to future clients."

Parent, primary school child

"Our daughter Tricia struggled with reading in primary school, but at that point we thought she was perhaps just a slow reader and that her reading skills would improve in time. In secondary school, however, our concerns increased as we realised that her struggles with reading were having a negative impact on her learning in all subjects and, more importantly, were having a very adverse effect on her self-esteem. Tricia was then assessed and was diagnosed as having dyslexic traits. Thereafter we enlisted the support of Jane Pentland, Educational Psychologist, who provided advice and help to both Tricia and ourselves for several years.

On Jane’s advice, we took our daughter to see an optometrist and to our shock she was diagnosed with a hidden squint which was compounding her reading difficulties. Jane’s advice and explanations were invaluable in helping Tricia and ourselves as parents understand the difficulties she faced, for example when reading black on white print, particularly on a smartboard or whiteboard. Our daughter began to understand the importance of background colours and hand-outs rather than copying from the board and we were able to request appropriate support from her teachers, such as printed hand-outs rather than copying from the board.

Jane advised our daughter on very effective techniques and strategies to support reading, spelling and writing. Even more importantly, however, Tricia felt that at last someone really understood what she was struggling with. Jane undoubtedly helped Tricia to believe in herself and Tricia now talks openly and unashamedly about being dyslexic and indeed encourages other dyslexic young people to aim high academically. Jane made Tricia feel part of the learning process, so that Tricia became very self-aware and therefore able to take ownership of her dyslexia.

My husband and I found Jane to be very knowledgeable, thorough and reliable. Jane was extremely patient, perceptive and reassuring throughout all the sessions she undertook with our daughter and took every opportunity to get to know Tricia as a person, which boosted Tricia’s self-confidence enormously.

We were all, as a family, fully supported and encouraged by Jane. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Jane’s services most highly to any young person and their parents who are coming to terms with dyslexia."

Parent, secondary school pupil
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